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Index Lolita

Posted on July 15 2012


Related article: Date: Tue, 20 Jun 2006 09:39:26 +1000From: iarwain7 Subject: Double The Trouble. Chapter 21.This story is dedicated to Tim Mead and Mickey S for their friendship,interest and encouragement over the years.Story Description: Peter, a sixteen year old Year Eleven student, finds hisnew High School very different to the one he left. The people aredifferent and some of the happenings are very different.Marty finds out.Usual Disclaimer: If you are not 18 years old yet do not read.If you are offended by male to male sexual content definitely do not read.If the laws in your state or county forbid this type of material, do not read.Otherwise enjoy the story and genuine comments will be appreciated.Date: Tues. 6th June 06The author retains copyright (2006) to this story. Reproducing this storyfor distribution without the author's permission is a violation of thatcopyright.This story is fiction.Thank you Nifty for the opportunity to post this story.Chapter 21.Marty must have wondered what was going on. In the car on the way to thepool Andy kept calling him sweetie and telling Peter to give him a cuddle.When they saw Matthew he called him sweetie as well and gave him a veryblatantly friendly hug. Marty was shaking his head and saying Andy washaving a normal loony attack, while Matthew looked straight at Peter, whogave him and nod to say `Yes, Andy did know, and yes it was all okay'. Forwhatever reason, Andy said nothing all through training but as soon as theywere in the showers he let loose."Hey Marty! Did you ever have a dick massage?""Keep your hands to yourself pea-balls!""No, not from me! Peter gives them.""Dick massage? Sounds like wanking to me.""No it's not. Try it and see."Peter gave a nod when Marty looked at him, but he wasn't going to be fooledthat easily."Okay! But you go first.""We've already had one this morning. He loves giving them. Go on!""Get lost! I don't need anyone massaging my dick.""What if it was Amy? You would Index Lolita then."Marty looked at Peter again but it was just a trick to distract Andy, whofell for it and copped a bar of soap in his stomach."Hey Marty! Guess what?""What?""I've got a boyfriend!""Oh yeah? Well, you're always staring at my dick, so I suppose it's me?""You're a sweetie Marty. When're you gonna give me a kiss?""In your dreams!""You already do. Every night! I want to see if you kiss as good forreal.""Oh yeah! Has Matthew got his camera in here or something?""What a wuss of a boyfriend you are. Peter! If you were Matthew'sboyfriend would you give him a kiss?"Knowing full well he was meant to follow the cue, Peter nodded his headdefinitely."A real kiss? Full on! Like for five minutes with tongues and Index Lolita all?"Peter nodded again and Marty was smiling and shaking his head all at thesame time."Good try Andy! They're not boyfriends and Peter wouldn't know what a realkiss was anyway."Andy was all indignation, false of course, as his setup worked toperfection."What an insult! Show him Peter!""Now?""Sure!""For five minutes?"Andy nodded gleefully while Marty looked startled as he caught on thatsomething different was happening. Matthew was Index Lolita startled as well, butstepped out of the shower as Peter's arms wrapped round him in a hug. Godis felt so strange, with Andy and Marty watching, embarrassing, as well asfeeling as if he was showing some of his and Matthew's secrets. Matthewwas warm and wet and all slippery with the soap he'd been using as hereturned Peter's hug. A look passed between them then Matthew gave Peter asoft kiss on the lips. Peter returned it, wondering what he was meant todo next. Marty was quite right about his kissing knowledge. It didn'treally matter though, Matthew's lips felt nice as they were, and Peter felthimself turning on with pleasure."How's that Marty?""What are they doing?""What does it look like? They're gayboys!"Marty didn't say anything. Just stared, then listened when Andy Index Lolita whisperedin his ear. Peter was giving almost all his attention to Matthew. Theyboth had boners now and pressing together was making him Index Lolita feel very sexy.Matthew's tongue was pushing against his own , and a lovely warm feelingworked its way down inside him. Five minutes? He could keep doing thisfor ages. Suddenly he was pulled away from Matthew. It was Andy."That's enough! You're getting rude and Marty's got the message. He'sgoing to bash your heads in.""Don't be a dork Andy! Is this for real?"Andy thought that was funny."Look at them Marty! One kiss and they're boned to the max! Peter's gotmore blood there than the rest of his body.""He's always like that. Just `cause he's a walking boner doesn't mean he'sgay.""Marty! You don't have to make excuses for them. Tell him Peter.""Andy's right Marty. We're gay!""Both of you?"Yes!""Fair dinkum gay?""Yes!""Together?""Yes!""Holy shit! And it's not one of Andy's wind-ups?"They assured him it wasn't and he stopped asking questions while theydressed and headed for the wagon. Andy decided they'd all go to Marty'splace to talk everything out, and on the way, with some prompting, Matthewtold them more of what it had been like for him last year, and what wouldprobably happen with his old swimming team. Andy didn't say much, whichsurprised Peter till he realised he was letting them see Marty's attitude,which was also mostly anger at the idea of anyone giving Matthew a hardtime. When they pulled up Marty organised food, Andy decided they'd talkin the pool, and after diving in they gathered at the shallow end and saton the Index Lolita edge with Index Lolita their feet dangling in the water. The talking turned outto be mostly listening to Andy say what they were going to do."We're letting the whole team know about it on Monday week Marty. So theyall know what's happening and what Matthew's old team is like. I reckonthey'll all be okay don't you?"Marty thought about that."What about David? He gets into that year twelve guy sometimes.""Yeah! But only because he doesn't like him. He thinks Peter and Mattheware great.""He'll stir Index Lolita them though.""Everyone will. They'll have to get used to that."They exchanged a look and Andy turned to Matthew."Hey Matthew!... Want to give me a blow job?"Matthew didn't bat an eyelid."Sure! After you give me one first."That met with approval, but it also told Peter what he was going to be infor."What's this new team like at swimming Matthew?""Probably better than ours."This provoked great consternation."You're joking? Really?""Yes, if they've kept their numbers up they're twice as big as us, and theyhaven't lost for the last five years. I went to that school because oftheir swimming reputation.""But they haven't got you now. You must have been their best?""Yes, but there's one guy who is very good.""Better than Peter?""Pretty close! It's hard to say really. It depends on how much he's beentraining.""Well, we're going to win against them! That'll shut them up!"Peter was clear now as to why Andy seemed to have changed the topic andMatthew was nodding as if he thought that was a good idea."We do have a good chance when you think about it. You'd all have to getbetter though. It would mean at least five days training a week.""That's not hard. You already make us do that.""It would be. We'll do a quarter of an hour extra each day.""What about Phillips? He's important! Do you think he'd train harder?""Andy! Brent already trains harder than anyone. He's there at least sixdays a week as it is.""Six? Hell! Really? I thought it was you and Peter who trained themost?""Think about it Index Lolita Marty. I bet you Index Lolita don't remember a night after school whenhe wasn't there.""Jeez! You're right! What about today then? Will he be there?""I think he works on Saturdays. He comes on Sundays but."Andy and Marty were most impressed with this revelation of Brent's traininghabits."What about me? Will it be worth it for me to train five days?"Everyone grinned. Marty said this all the time and Matthew was alwaysgiving the same answer, but this time he was way more positive than usual."Give it another week Marty Index Lolita and I think everything will click in for you.""Yeah? You reckon I'm all right?""Not really! You know you get there by being so strong at the moment, butit nearly kills you. When your technique snaps in you'll fly."Marty was lapping this up and they talked about it some more but then thetopic swung back."What do you think it will be like at school when they find out about usAndy?""Don't worry about it Peter. We won't tell them.""We won't? But if the team knows then someone will say something.""We'll tell them not to.""That won't work. Someone will talk about it with their close friend andit'll spread from there."Matthew was right and they all knew it, but Andy said it didn't matter. Itwould slow things down and give some breathing space."It will work Matthew! When it starts to get around we'll just tell themto get a life because it's old news. Anyhow! You're with me and Marty sono one's going to make any trouble anyway."Peter wondered about that, but Andy seemed sure of himself and his imagecertainly was very strong at school. Marty wanted to know why they decidedto be gay and got put straight by Andy right off."You dork Marty! Don't you know anything? Would you wake up one morningand say, Oh yeah! I think I'll be gay?""No way!""Well they didn't either. It just happens. Boobs look sexy to you anddicks look sexy to them. It's sort of built in."He looked across for support."That's right isn't it?"It was a graphic description but Peter and Matthew both nodded."See! They both reckon you've got a sexy dick. Why don't you show `em?""Get lost! I've already got you gawping at it all time."This was interesting for him though and he started a whole line ofquestions."So? Is it sexy then?"Peter sensed the curiosity and grinned at him."Matthew reckons it is. I do too but Andy's is better.""Holy hell! So what about the team? Are any of them sexy?""Nearly every single one!""Jeez! No wonder you get boners so much! Do you give each other blowjobs?"Peter wasn't expecting that and automatically shook his head while Matthewanswered with his own question."Does Amy Index Lolita give them to you?"Marty laughed and said sorry then whacked Andy who was saying she did everynight in his dreams. Andy noticed Peter's head shake though."Give them lessons Marty. They've only sexed each other once so far, but Ibet they're into it tonight. Where are you staying this evening Peter?""Um... At Matthews.""In that double bed of his?""There's nowhere else to sleep.""Yeah! That's handy isn't it! And what do you wear in bed?""Jocks!"They laughed, and even Matthew grinned, which relieved Peter'sembarrassment just a little too late to stop his face from flushing. Theytalked and enjoyed the pool till Andy got restless and decided on going fora drive. Peter hadn't done this very often and really enjoyed thelaughter, comments and mucking around. He was sitting in the Index Lolita back withMatthew who looked as happy as anything, singing along with Andy and Martyto the radio and joining in everything. Andy started turning the steeringwheel hard when they were rounding corners or bends so that momentumpressed his passengers together and he could stir them for being all overeach other. Peter and Matthew weren't complaining! He stopped that whenhe almost overdid it on a sharp bend and gave them all a fright. Theyheaded back and Peter felt really pleased that he had his own money andcould pay a share when they stopped to fill up with petrol and get a drink.Matthew was dropped off first and then Peter was stirred about beinglovesick till he saw him again. Andy's advice was to have a good wank.Beth was home and listened carefully to how Andy and Marty had reacted."They were both really good mom, and Andy reckons the swimming team will bethe same. He's got it planned out to tell them after next weekend so itwon't be a big deal if Matthew's old school says things.""Are you confident about that?""I think so. They all listen to what Andy says.""What about Matthew? How is he feeling?""We went for a drive and he was laughing and singing.""Was he putting on an act?""I don't think so mum. You can't help laughing with Andy andMarty. They're rude though. They say things all the time to embarrass us."Beth was nodding and looking very pleased."King Arthur and Sir Lancelot! You've got the best friends Peter."That was for sure."Did Rob say very much mum?"Beth tousled Peter's hair."Curiosity killed the cat!""Mum!"She was teasing him but it made him feel good."We talked for several hours Peter, working out all the rules.You can hold hands on Mondays, kiss on the cheek on Tuesdays, cuddle onWednesdays...."Teasing again."Mum!""We're not making rules Peter. We're proud of both our sons and expect youto be thoughtful of each other and the people round you. Just the way youalways have. Rob thinks we should talk to your homeroom teacher and lethim know your situation. Evidently he was very caring with Matthew whenthey first approached the school. He's the maths teacher you like isn'the?""He's the best teacher in the school.""Well, see about organising an interview for us then.""How can I? You're working.""You're more important than work Peter."They talked some more then Peter went to his room to relax and read. Hewanted to talk to Matthew and nearly rang him, but decided to wait sincehe'd be here for tea in an hour and a half. Eventually he heard the carpull in and raced downstairs. Matthew and Rob were all smiles and the mealwent quickly with normal chat and laughter. The biggest feature for Peterwas a big wink and smile that Rob gave him at one stage. The movie wasgood but Peter kept getting distracted from Matthew secretly tickling him,and then on the way out Matthew whispered that he was staying at Peter'sfor the night."Dad says he wants you at your place so Beth doesn't miss you for a while."Beth was quite surprised when the car stopped and Matthew and Peter got outwith her and wanted to know why there was a change of plans."Peter was at my place last so it's my turn to stay here.""Was this Rob's idea?""Um.... Yes!""Well, it looks like he's got away, so you'll have to take his place for ahug."The hatchback was backing onto the road at that stage and as Matthew wasreceiving a hug there was a short, sharp, goodbye toot. Oh boy! Rob wasright and Peter hadn't even thought about it. It was a bit of a jolt thatRob might know what his mum was thinking better that he did. They hadsupper, talked for half an hour, then Peter received his goodnight kiss anda hug that lasted for ages. He went for a shower, jumped into bed, andwaited, wondering what Matthew and his mum were talking about."Private stuff!", was Matthew's response to his query."Really?""No, not really. She makes you feel good Peter."Peter nodded. She knew how to do that for sure."Go and have your shower.""What? Are you bossing me Peter?""Um.... Yes!""All right! I think I'll have a nice long one. How about twenty minutes?""Very funny! I'll get some ice out of the fridge if you do.""To cool yourself down?""Idiot! Have your shower!"As soon as Matthew was back he sat on Peter and bounced up and down a fewtimes."Help, what are you doing? Trying to kill me?""The bed's uneven. I'm swishing the lump out of it.""Lump? I wait here all lonely for three hours while you have a shower andwhen you get back you call me a lump?""Don't you like being a lump? I'll have to flatten you even more then."A couple more bounces started a war. Well, a gentle war which involved agreat deal of happy surrendering."There, are you happy now? You've squished me flat as a pancake.""No I haven't. There's still this bit poking up.""Push it down then."That didn't work. The more Matthew pressed and squeezed the more the bitwanted to poke up."Hey! If you lie on top of me that might squish it flat."Matthew said that sounded rude, but he tried anyway."It's not working!""Well, give me an electricity bath then.""All right! Sit up and we can give each other one at the same time.""Hey Matthew?""What?""Have you ever kissed anyone?""What you mean?""Like Andy and Marty got us to do this morning?""No, that was my first time ever.""It felt nice! Let's try it again!""Hey Matthew!""What?""I bet you let go before I do!""What are you stopping for Peter?""To see what you'd say!""That's torture!""Hey Matthew!""What?""Mr Fat's misbehaving already!""No he's not! He's doing what you want him to!"Several hours later, after running the gamut of playfulness, passion andlazy quiet intimacy, they were lying, spooned together with Matthew's frontpressed against Peter's back Index Lolita and his fingers lightly toying with Peter'sbelly button. Peter was smiling softly, enjoying the close feeling whenthe fingers stopped moving."Matthew? ...Matthew?."The end of chapter 21.Author's Note.I hope you're gaining some enjoyment from this story.Any comments and feedback would be greatly appreciated.My email address is iarwain7ains.net.auShould you be interested, my other stories can be found by looking under'Iarwain' in the authors section on Nifty.Contact me if you'd like to read the Index Lolita stories in their original Word format.Iarwain.
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